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INNATE DISCOVERY brings a wonderful partnership opportunity in form of franchisee business with itself. Entrepreneurs, Business Houses, Counselors, Professionals, Young Men, Consultants, Enterprising Housewives, Schools and other Academic Institutions having interests in the field of Multiple Intelligence, Dermatoglyphics, DMIT, Developmental Education, DMIT Counseling, and Talent Nurturing may volunteer to open INNATE DISCOVERY Franchisee Centres across the width and depth of the country. These centres have to align itself with the philosophy of INNATE DISCOVERY and have to spread awareness about INNATE DISCOVERY’s DMIT programme using ways and means prescribed and endorsed by it.

INNATE DISCOVERY franchisee centres will be offering DMIT packages to its clients and will be facilitating DMIT workshops on a need-to-serve basis. These centres will be working in close co-ordination with their parent body in order to establish a linear communication and information channel. They have to ensure client sourcing, smooth collection of dermatoglyphic data, execution of DMI test and conducting DMIT counseling sessions.

Please write to us at to know further details on INNATE DISCOVERY franchisee partnerships

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