About Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

Dermatoglyphics is the science of studying patterns on fingers and hands.. The fingerprint patterns are very complex and are unique in nature for every individual. These prints carry coded information about us that has our personality imprint on it.

The theory of Multiple Intelligence was presented by Dr Howard Gardner in the year 1983. There are eight intelligences which may be related to a person’s unique aptitude set of capabilities and ways that they might prefer to demonstrate their intellectual abilities.

The theory is all about human innate potential and Dr Gardner has very well explained this fact that if individuals differ in their intellectual profiles, it makes sense to take this fact into account in devising an educational system for individuals, groups, or even nations. He adds, "no intelligence is in and of itself artistic or non-artistic; rather several intelligences can be put to aesthetic ends, if individuals so desire."

DMIT describes several personality aspects of an individual, encompassing the innate qualities and personality trait potentials. Data for this analysis is primarily taken from the patterns and ridges on the fingers. These fingerprints are then run through a software based programme which has image-processing-algorithms to determine its pattern area, core area, type lines, ridge count, ridge patterns, and minutia points etc. to generate a comprehensive report.

Multiple Intelligence

The theory of Multiple Intelligence was presented by Dr Howard Gardner in the year 1983. That time he emphasized that there are eight types of intelligences that a person is born with. It's very interesting to understand these 8 kinds of intelligences. Here is an account of these.









Learning Style

Learning style means the natural inclination and habitual pattern of acquiring and processing the information in learning and teaching environment. There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The common characteristics of each learning style can help you understand how you learn more efficiently and what methods of learning best fits you. Understanding how you learn can help maximize time you spend studying by incorporating different techniques to custom fit various subjects, concepts and learning objectives.




Benefits of DMIT

DMIA has its benefits in several forms. First of all, it helps one in knowing one’s innate capabilities and therefore a person may work upon one’s hidden talent, possibilities and ability to excel in fields that match with one’s built-in potential. On the basis of DMIA report, aides and remedies may be offered to individuals. For example its beneficial for the parent’s to understand their child’s characteristics. Parents may know why their children are stubborn, curious, revolting, silent, orderly or unruly.

They may interact with them accordingly and may focus on improved parent-child communication to mould them to excel. DMIA may help in deciding career path for the children and the students based on their innate potential. It will specify the areas where they need to improve. This way they will be able to align their passion and innate abilities with the stream of their studies and professional courses.

Organisations may use DMIA in pre-employment and promotions. The department of Training & Development may apply it in identifying the training needs of their employees and may design training modules to suit them the most. This may be helpful while deciding job rotations and special assignments.

Parents to Know

DMIT is a proven concept to know the innate potential of the children and the relevant benefits in their education. Since parents are key to a child’s academic journey and subsequently their life, it is fundamentally essential for the parents to have greater understanding of it.

At the foremost, parents need to understand the fact that:-

  • Every child is unique and possesses in-born talent
  • Proven methods may help in assessing their child’s potential
  • This will end their guesses about their child’s capabilities and will give them certainty on child’s innate strengths
  • This way they will not misunderstand their child for his/her acts and doings
  • They will be able to reason out their child’s behavioral pattern
  • They may effectively nurture their child for the talents that he/she has and may adopt for suitable learning style from the very beginning that will gradually form the habit of studying and grasping subjects in that manner later
  • This will help them choosing right pre-school for their child that has structured curriculum in place
  • This will be beneficial in selecting secondary school study stream
  • This will assist in picking up appropriate subjects in University
  • The students may opt for right professional or vocational courses.

The assistance offered through INNATE DISCOVERY’s DMIT package along with counseling sessions will be an eye opener for the parents to discover and reason out the characteristics of their children. Nevertheless, it will be equally helpful to them while addressing all their concerns.

There is a nascent trend of educating play-school children on the basis of their learning and acquiring inclination. Innate Discovery is in process to associate itself soon with play-schools to introduce sections based on preferred learning style.

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