Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence (DMI) Test

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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)


Dermatoglyphics is the science of studying patterns on fingers and hands. The fingerprint patterns are very complex and are unique in nature for every individual...

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Multiple Intelligence

The theory of Multiple Intelligence was presented by Dr. Howard Gardner in the year 1983. That time he emphasized that there are 8 type of intelligences...

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Benefits of DMIT

DMIT has its benefits in several forms. First being knowing one's innate capabilities, by knowing it a person may work upon one's hidden talent, possibilities...

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Parents to Know

DMIT is a proven concept to know the innate potential of the children and the relevant benefits in their education. Since parents are key to a

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Who we are?

INNATE DISCOVERY is a forward-looking and future-oriented organization that has strong sense of commitment towards developmental education to improve human potential through the field of Multiple Intelligence & Dermatoglyphics.

INNATE DISCOVERY facilitates people by giving them a choice to take the benefits of learning technologies to improve their lives by Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test through Seminars, Workshop, Conferences, Counseling, Talent Nurturing and Skill Enhancement Technique. DMIT is a comprehensive report that is benefiting millions around the world as the first step towards an enlightened life where happiness is guaranteed and success a consequence.

There are enormous possibilities lying unaddressed in this arena. A lot of work is to be done to empower and enrich students, professionals and individuals so that they may understand themselves better and may chart their path of progress.

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INNATE DISCOVERY brings a wonderful partnership opportunity in form of franchisee business with itself. Entrepreneurs, Business Houses, Counselors, Professionals, Young Men, Consultants, Enterprising Housewives, Schools and other Academic Institutions having interests in the field of Multiple Intelligence, Dermatoglyphics, DMIT, Developmental Education, DMIT Counseling, and Talent Nurturing may volunteer to open INNATE DISCOVERY Franchisee Centres across the width and depth of the country. These centres have to align itself with the philosophy of INNATE DISCOVERY and have to spread awareness about INNATE DISCOVERY’s DMIT programme using ways and means prescribed and endorsed by it.

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About Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

Dermatoglyphics is the science of studying patterns on fingers and hands.. The fingerprint patterns are very complex and are unique in nature for every individual. These prints carry coded information about us that has our personality imprint on it. The theory of Multiple Intelligence was presented by Dr Howard Gardner in the year 1983. There are eight intelligences which may be related to a person’s unique aptitude set of capabilities and ways that they might prefer to demonstrate their intellectual abilities.

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Clients Testimonial

Very impressed with the in depth analysis. Will definitely go a long way in understanding my daughter's and mapping out the best way to help her fill her inborn potential. Thank You

Mr. Sunil Mishra
Business man (Pharma Sector)

I wish I had come here earlier to know and discover new aspect of my son's behavior. It will definitely help me more to guide and encourage him to my best that would help him molding his personality. Satisfied and happy that I have done it.

Mrs. Shalini

It was interesting to know about my child through this test. I can connect the report to his personality and behavior. Now I know how to make him learn easily. As an overall experience I found it useful.

Mr. Sudheer Gupta
Self Employed

The report is highly relevant, accurate and motivating as it has given me a clear picture about me and moreover the counseling has benefitted me in identifying and improving on my intelligences which were not so high but are required in my career to grow; now I feel more confident that I would lead a successful life

Charu Gosin
HR Aon Hewitt

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